Meet Jenny

jen revolved side angle crop

Jenny’s sister introduced her to yoga 13 years ago during a giggly, impromptu yoga session.  Jenny has been giggling ever since! While healing from an illness & completing her graduate studies, she found herself doing yoga daily.  She fell in love with the creative & nourishing expression yoga offers the body, mind, & spirit.  As an athlete, yoga also spoke to her love of movement.

After a yearlong teacher training, Jenny received her RYT-200 certification through the Yoga Center of Minneapolis in early 2011.  During her studies, she pursued tutelage in a variety of practices including: vinyasa, hatha, gentle, restorative, & yin yoga.  Jenny is also a holistic fitness trainer & loves working with athletes—both professional & aspiring—to prevent injury & improve performance through yoga.  Jenny’s dream is to inspire and empower students through joyful movement that honors the inherent wisdom, strength, and health of their bodies, minds, and souls.  In sharing the peace and bliss yoga offers, she hopes to help students find the space within to be adventurous, creative, & compassionate!

When not teaching, Jenny can be found laughing with family and friends, running in the sunshine, & helping to empower girls in Northern Kenya through an amazing non-profit called PEAK.


2 responses to “Meet Jenny

  1. hi jenny! i stumbled on your blog while searching for images of crow pose. i am gathering images of Yoga asanas i want to master and will place them on a dream board as a means for setting my Yoga goals. 🙂 i am currently enrolled in the 200 hour RYT training program and am excited about this journey! i look forward to reading more from your blog! and please feel free to drop by mine anytime. i share my experiences of becoming a budding Yoga instructor. namaste!

    • Hi! I can’t wait to hear more about your RYT training! Yoga is seriously one of those beautiful journeys in life that leaves you both forever changed and forever the same–closer to your always present inner self. It is always fun to share this journey with others! I also love the inspiration on your site! Will definitely be stopping by for doses of certified living! Going to spread the word about your beautiful, authentic writing.
      peace & love,

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