Dear Readers,

Welcome!  Writings for a Blissful Soul is the written extension of Blissful Heart Yoga & Fitness.  Inspired by my fellow yoga teachers & fitness instructors, amazing students, family, friends, & blissful souls everywhere, this blog is dedicated to expanding compassionate, joyful living through yoga, food, holistic fitness, & whatever tickles my soul.  Contained in Writings for a Blissful Soul, you’ll find everything from midnight reflections to morning asanas.  My dearest hope is that this blog can serve as a warm cottage for you on rainy days and an alluring mountain summit on your “go-out-there-and-make-it happen” days. Whether you are looking for yoga tips, meditation mantras, or ruminations to inspire creativity &  bliss, please enjoy these writings & respond with your own inner wisdom!

Thank you for sharing your bliss journey with me!

Peace & Love,



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